1. How much do you charge?

This depends, is the answer.  Where is your ceremony?  Are you having a rehearsal?  Do you want to have more meetings to work on your ceremony than I would usually have? 

At the bottom line, to save you emailing me to ask the above, for a Wedding or Civil Union in peak season it will not be less than $400. If your Wedding / Civil union is in autumn or winter I do some special pricing so it is always worth asking.  

For a naming ceremony or other blessing it all depends on the level of involvement required but it is usually a lot less than a Wedding so drop me a line to discuss.

2.  What do I get for my money?

  • A ceremony crafted for you that will make your celebration sing

  • My research and work in putting together the ceremony

  • Me, on the day delivering the ceremony

  • Attendance at agreed rehearsals

  • Communication regarding the ceremony and at least 2 face to face meetings (For Weddings / Civil Unions)

3.  Do I need to find a celebrant before I get a marriage licence

Yes - you will put my registration number on your licence application so this is key.  Couples will often focus on venues and flowers and cake first, forgetting the core of the day is the ceremony.

4. Can you get my licence for me?

No, you have to do so yourself. However this can all be done online so it is pretty straightforward.

5. Do I need to note an alternative venue in case of rain?

Absolutely, many venues will have an indoor or outdoor option, but if not, you need to write your alternative on the application.  This will mean we can use that licence even if we have to go to the back up location.

6. I feel very strongly about people posting on social media at my ceremony.  Can you help?

Absolutely.  More and more people are choosing to make a social media statement and indeed, it is something I ask in one of our earliest meetings.  We can go so far as calling it an "unplugged" ceremony which I can explain to your guests means absolutely no social media interaction by guests.

7. Privacy Policy

Any information I gather related to you, your family or your ceremony will be used for the express purpose of quoting, planning or delivering your ceremony and I will not retain any information that is not needed for this purpose beyond the completion of your ceremony.  Ceremonies designed by me are retained but personal details are removed.


I could write a long list of places to look for information about ceremonies.  In truth there is such a plethora of information regarding wedding and civil unions out there that it could make your head spin.

I do, however recommend that in terms of ceremony content you look to yourself for inspiration.  Favourite books from childhood can be wonderful options for readings.  If you have a love for Shakespeare then incorporate the bard into your day, if Winnie the Pooh or Dr Seuss were your childhood favourites why not have an excerpt read.   I will be more than happy to give you some assistance in finding the right inclusions for your ceremony once we have gotten to know each other.

What I can offer in terms of personal resources is a knowledge of Celtic wedding traditions as I am Irish myself and my husband is Scottish.  Some of the beautiful traditions that can be included and, indeed, modernised are:

Drinking from the Quaich 

The Americans refer to this as a "loving cup".  It is a two handed cup and a couple drink from either side together.  There are various rituals to accompany this but traditionally you would drink to your past, present and future together.   I have my own Quaich.  It is fun to think of drinks to mix together to represent the two parties, e.g. whiskey and water or perhaps, New Zealand water and English gin! 

Hand Fasting

An ancient tradition that grew up around impatient couples who did not want to wait for the next clergyman to drift through the village before a couple could be married.  Hand fasting has become a modern craze and couples can be "hand fast" using anything that is relevant to them from the family tartan to pink ribbons.  This is a lovely ceremony which adds depth and beauty to simple ceremonies.